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The SPLASH School Programs

Our Creation!Elementary School: Each year, teachers and students work with SPLASH volunteer mentors and receive professional development from university professors. Following in-school presentations about the issue of storm drain run-off, students stencil a local storm drain, plot monthly findings of debris at the location, collate data and participate in STEAM projects related to topic.

In May and June, the students visit SPLASH headquarters on Freeport’s Nautical Mile, take boat rides to see the storm drain outfall pipes, take guided walking tours and create functioning storm drain models on-site. Students are introduced to the maritime industry that many never knew existed blocks away from their home and schools. They meet with fisherman who harvest clams from the local waters. They tour a fish store where they identify the varieties of fish that live in their local waters. SPLASH mentors review the nutritional benefits of seafood and the importance of keeping our waters healthy for the fish we eat. Many of these students take their first boat ride while they observe the outfall pipes that are the final destination for the trash they recorded as data when they observe their adopted storm drains during the school year. The predominantly low-mod income population is significantly impacted by the utilization of materials and trips.

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Middle & High School: Students at this level receive information and experiences that builds on the ‘Adopt a Storm Drain Project’. Using excel, they analyze their finding and suggest action to elected officials. They do in-depth studies of the island’s topography and how it contributes to pollution washing down into the bays and sounds surrounding LI. Students analyze the infrastructure of the island and design solutions using 3D printing to illustrate their ideas. They also explore sewage discharge as a contributing factor to waterfront pollution, tour the treatment plants and do water quality studies.

During the 2015 – 16 school year, approximately 2,000 Nassau County, L.I. students were served in Bellmore, Freeport, Uniondale, Lynbrook, Mineola, East Rockaway, Oceanside, Rockville Centre, Glen Head and Greenvale.

Operation SPLASH is a BOCES vendor.

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