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Education for Students of all Ages

Monthly General Community Meetings: All interested citizens are invited to our meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. The format includes a short formal business meeting followed by a topic of interest intended to educate citizens about local and timely marine environmental  issues. To inquire about a meeting, please email:

Community Speaking Engagements: Volunteer speakers present to outside organizations, community groups and universities,  inspiring citizens to participate in efforts to maintain and upgrade Long Island’s  water quality. To book a program, please email:

Captain Don teaches youngsters about the creatures in the bay.

1994 -95 Freeport


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Since 2013 SPLASH has offered  programs to engage K -12 classes and youth groups using 45 minute presentations and/or a ten month projects that support  STEAM subject areas ( Science, Technology, Engineering Arts & Math).

Students can visit SPLASH HQ for a tour of Freeport’s Nautical Mile, a boat tour of the bays, water sampling studies, model building or other activities. SPLASH is a BOCES Vendor.

160805_splash_554 Mary Jean McCarthy, Educational Consultant SPLASH Boardmember

2013-14 Locust Valley

International Model:  Students spend time with SPLASH mentors for educational presentations  participate in a SPLASH bay clean ups during their visits.

Service Learning: Placements are available for public and private schools, colleges and the juvenile court system

For more information, or if you would like to become a SPLASH Mentor, please….